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VDV Core Application

The VDV Core Application is our open data and interface standard for electronic ticketing and electronic fare management (EFM) in public transport. The VDV Core Application is the technical and organisational heart of (((eTicket Deutschland.

Package for manufacturers

We aren’t the only ones constantly evolving. Hardware manufacturers and developers of software solutions like you are just as interested in getting ahead as we are, if not more so. Our package for manufacturers gives you access to all the information and systems you need and keeps you up to date at all times.


Testing, testing and more testing: our functionality, security standard, terminal, interface, logistics and system tools (in short: all of our relevant components) are proven, logical and hierarchically structured – from open level 1 user media and the test environment for eTT, our test tool, to our LoadKey tool.


IPSI connects all participating mobile ticketing systems, transforming it into an interface that allows one ticketing system to sell tickets in another system. For customers, this means that they only need a single ticketing app to stay mobile in other regions.

... and services

What you can expect from us

We believe that the closest, most cooperative partnership possible is a must in a system environment as complex as ours. Why? Because we value close, positive customer relationships and focus on communication, plus we benefit from your success and a faster pace in general, of course. It’s all part of our philosophy of honesty. That’s why we provide our clients and partners with a wide range of support options, platforms and ideas designed to make their lives easier.

Application and security management (ASM) tool

VDV eTicket Service’s application and security management (ASM) tool allows (((eTicket Deutschland members and manufacturers of VDV Core Application components to get the information, test components, SAMs and specifications they need without any additional help.

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Some services are available to everyone. Certain technical services require prior registration.

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(((eTicket SharePoint

The (((eTicket Deutschland SharePoint is our home page’s new project communication platform. It makes it easier to coordinate activities and projects in the (((eTicket Deutschland community and replaces the previous (((eTicket WIKI for change request processing. What’s more, it is available to all participating transport providers for use as a project platform and provides the (((eTicket Forum for all (((eTicket Deutschland members.

You will find the following already in SharePoint:

  • Change request processing
  • Projects and the (((eTicket Forum
  • WIKI archive

Due to project-related confidentiality restraints, you will need to register separately for SharePoint. Registration ensures that members only have access to the content they need.


A brief introduction to SharePoint is available as a PowerPoint presentation in the knowledge base section.

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For maximum functionality, we recommend using Internet Explorer to access SharePoint.

Your contacts:

If you are interested in accessing SharePoint, please e-mail:

Gabriel Dimmig